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Superwinch Terra


Power, reliability, and durability – that’s what the Superwinch Terra is all about. Available in a 3500lb (1589kg) capacities with steel cable, this Terra is right for you.

(Image for info only, winch is supplied with steel cable)

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Power, reliability, and durability – that’s what the Superwinch Terra is all about. Available in a 3500lb (1589kg) capacities with steel cable, this Terra is right for you.


A winch is only as good as the gears inside.  That’s why Superwinch uses the widest gears; wide gears distribute the load evenly, provide better engagement and longer life.  Further, the Superwinch Terra uses steel cut gears on 2nd and 3rd stage to insure long life.  You can see the Superwinch gearset on the left is far more robust than the competitors on the right.


Superwinch uses the biggest, heaviest motors allowed by law.  Superwinch engineers spec’d thick copper winders to deliver the most efficient power yet provide more surface area for rapid cooling.  Sealed cartridge bearings on either end of the motor keep everything moving and spinning with ease.  These are motors built to last.  You can see from this image, Superwinch Terra motors are far more impressive.


Synthetic rope is remarkable stuff: light, strong, safer but it wreaks havoc on parts.  The strong crushing power the rope creates is due to it’s low coefficient of friction and shape-shifting ability.

Don’t be fooled though, just demand your winch is ready for it.  Here’s how Superwinch makes their winch ready for it: years of testing by Superwinch engineers results in Terra’s fabricated steel drums.  The secret is in thicker flanges and a thicker drum tube.  While the competition may believe it’s fine to use brittle cast aluminium drums, Superwinch knows better.

You know what’s in most winch drums?  Heat-generating brakes.  Since synthetic rope begins degrading at just 150 degrees, Superwinch moved the brake away from the drum (and the rope!).  The result is a winch uniquely ready for rope.

Fun fact: even the wire cable equipped Terras feature the same beefed-up drums setting the stage for a synthetic upgrade at a later date.


Using the Superwinch Terra is very intuitive.  The large diameter yellow freespool control at the gearbox end rotates putting the winch into gear or into freespool allowing users to pull rope off with ease. Superwinch includes both a rocker switch and a handheld remote for winch control.  The rocker can be mounted to a handbar or be made to fit into a dashboard while the remote socket can be mounted almost anywhere allowing great flexibility for the 10′ corded remote. Superwinch also offers a Wireless controller and (get ready for it) an app to control the winch while getting feedback on amp draw and motor temperature.


Many powersports vehicles require a special bracket that allows mounting.  These brackets are specific to make, model and year of the vehicle.  Find the bracket you need here.


  • TERRA 35

Rated Line: Pull3,500 lbs (1,588 kgs)
Motor: Sealed 1.6 HP Permanent Magnet
Gearing: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear Ratio: 140:1
Solenoid: Sealed and Circuit Breaker Protected
Clutch: Free-Spooling, Ergonomic Control
Brake: Automatic 100% Load Holding
Steel Cable: 5.5mm x 15.2m
Hook: Heavy-Duty, Clevis Pinned Latch
Fairlead: Heavy-Duty 4-Way Roller
Remote: 10′ Sealed Hand-Held
Dimensions: 340mm L x 114mm D x 122mm H
Drum Diameter: 50.8mm
Drum Length: 81.3mm
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 76mm x 124mm
Installed Weight: 9.07 kgs
Shipping Weight: 14.0 kgs
Line Pull: 0 lbs19 Amps Motor Draw / 22.5 FPM (6.9 MPM) Line Speed
Line Pull: 3,500 lbs190 Amps Motor Draw / 9.3 FPM (2.8 MPM) Line Speed

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